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Technical Data Summary

ElectronicsCooling magazine has been providing a technical data column since 1997 with the intent of providing you, the readers, with pertinent material properties for use in thermal analyses. We have largely covered the most common materials and their associated thermal properties used in electronics packaging and as a result, this column will evolve into additional topics. Table 1 lists a summary of the technical data columns to date and it is of note that thermal conductivity was the most frequent topic of interest. This is no surprise as thermal conductivity is one of the most difficult thermal properties to accurately measure. All of this data is accessible on our web site (www.electronics-cooling.com) which also includes all of the articles that have appeared in ElectronicsCooling.

We as editors are interested in suggestions and ideas from the readership as we evolve the technical data column and you are encouraged to contact us. This also provides an opportunity to remind the readers of how we work as an editorially independent publication. For each issue, one of the associate editors assumes the role of editor-in-chief and is responsible for either soliciting new technical articles or selecting previously submitted articles that have gone through a review process and been judged worthy of publication. The review process requires at least two favorable evaluations from independent reviewers based on criteria including technical relevance and soundness, interest to our readership, absence of commercial content, and confirmation that the work has not been previously published.

We frequently receive inquiries similar to “I could provide content along the lines of …, would you be interested and/or commit to publishing this?” While we welcome the dialogue, a typical response reminds the writer that we need an article to review and that we can not commit to publication prior to the review process. However, we never want to discourage interest in publishing and we will certainly work with potential authors to help them develop their articles.

Technical Data Topic Issue Author
Heat transfer coefficients Jan 97 C.L.
Leadframe materials, thermal conductivity May 97 C.L.
The coefficient of thermal expansion I Sept 97 C.L.
The coefficient of thermal expansion II Jan 98 C.L.
Silicon, thermal conductivity (erratum in Sept 98: p.12) May 98 C.L.
Gases, thermal conductivity Sept 98 C.L.
Pure metals, thermal conductivity Jan 99 C.L.
Aluminum oxide, thermal conductivity May 99 C.L.
Ceramics, thermal conductivity Sept 99 C.L.
Composite materials, thermal conductivity Jan 00 C.L.
The relationship between thermal and electrical conductivity May 00 C.L.
Fluids, thermal conductivity Sept 00 C.L.
Air, thermal conductivity Feb 01 C.L.
Unfilled plastics, thermal conductivity May 01 C.L.
The anisotropic thermal conductivity of plastics Aug 01 J.R.
Rubbers/elastomers, thermal conductivity Nov 01 C.L.
Diamond, synthesis and physical properties Feb 02 J.R.
Thermal insulators, thermal conductivity May 02 C.L.
Pyrolytic graphite, thermal conductivity Aug 02 J.R.
Air at reduced pressures and length scales, thermal conductivity Nov 02 C.L.
Glass, physical properties and categorization by compounds Feb 03 J.R.
Thermal capacitance May 03 C.L.
Emissivity in practical temperature measurements Aug 03 J.R.
Moist air, thermal conductivity Nov 03 C.L.
Surface flatness May 04 J.R.
Silicon dioxide, thermal conductivity Aug 04 C.L.
Phase change materials May 05 J.W.
Thin wires: criteria of choice Aug 05 C.L.
III-V Semiconductors, thermal conductivity Feb 06 J.W.
Various silicon, thermal conductivity May 06 C.L.
Solders, thermal conductivity Aug 06 J.W.
Seebeck coefficient Nov 06 C.L.
Alloys, thermal conductivity Feb 07 J.W.
Viscosity May 07 C.L.
Thermal diffusivity Aug 07 J.W.
Thermal effusivity Nov 07 C.L.
Building materials, thermal properties Feb 08 J.W.
Liquid metals, thermal conductivity May 08 C.L.
Heat of vaporization Aug 08 J.W.
Emissivity in practical numerical modeling Nov 08 C.L.
Antifreeze coolants, thermal properties Feb 09 J.W.
Filled plastics, thermal conductivity May 09 C.L.

C.L.= Clemens J.M. Lasance, Associate Editor, Philips Research Laboratories J.R.= Jukka Rantala, Associate Editor, Nokia Research Center J.W.= Jim Wilson, Associate Editor, Raytheon Company