CFD Software

New CFD Data Center Software

May 5th, 2011


Daat Research’s CoolitDC handles complex facility shapes, raised floors, drop ceilings, room partitions, support columns, under floor pipes, cables and obstructions, furniture and other infrastructure components. It also accounts for room ventilation components such as fans, ducts and vents. The user interface takes full advantage of drag and drop operation. Thermal models are constructed using the software’s extensive library of cooling devices, racks, and tiles from major manufacturers. In addition, CoolitDC includes basic building blocks that allow the user to modify existing library components or create custom devices.

Hot spots are flagged by temperature-colored fog, and airflow can be animated to show flow direction, speed, and temperature throughout the data center. Results are displayed visually and in tabular form so both technical and non-technical personnel can visualize and assess impacts.

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