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New Revolution of SOB Fans with High Fluid Static Pressure and Air Flow

July 12th, 2012


Cooltron offers a variety of specialty fans for some specific applications in varied markets. Its patented Stator Outlet Blade technology helps reduce turbulence caused by fan blades, thereby streamlining the fluid flow and direction. This results in a higher airflow and motor efficiency at a noise increase of only five percent.
The sophisticated computer-designed geometry profile of stator blade not only reduces turbulent vortex caused by fan blades, but also streamlines the fluid with an improved static head. The angle of a regular rotor blade creates a convection vortex in the air stream. The unique design of the stator blade reduces the vortex turbulence and streamlines the axial quantity flow, and thereby improving the static head and efficiency of the motor.
Available on various Cooltron models: FD4028, FD6038, FD7038, FD8038, FD9238, FD1238, the airflow of S.O.B. models increase more than two times than standard fans. The broad DC fan series offer a variety of CFM options, rated 12, 24, and 48VDC, and measure from 40x40x28 mm to 120x120x38mm with airflow from 22.90 to 287.20CFM.
Cooltron fans and accessories are available in the following applications: Telecom switch; fiber laser; plasma cutting and medical.

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