PLPCB Constructions with Greater Thermal Management

August 6th, 2012


Categories: New Products

Electronic Interconnect (EI) announced the availability of Powerlink PLPCB constructions for electronic assemblies where thermal management/heat dissipation capabilities are desired. PowerLink technology enables power and control circuits, both heavy copper and standard copper, to reside on the same layer with interconnection between the circuits. Bus bars with multi-copper weights handle the heat dissipation in the PCB, enabling extended PCB life and safety in overall functioning. The bus bars allow heat to dissipate more efficiently due to their ratio of high surface area to cross-sectional area.

In PowerLink PLPCB, low-power circuits are combined with high-power bus bars using two or more copper weights on the same external layer to increase system reliability and power. This breakthrough can reduce total system size, assembly time and cost. Multiple layers are possible, with high and low current-carrying capacity on the same trace.

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