Data Centers

Largest Data Center in Asia to be Completed in July 2015

June 2nd, 2015


LG U+, a telecommunications company in Gyeonggi, South Korea, announced its mega data center will be completed in Pyeongchon in July 2015. When completed, it will be the largest data center in Asia and the first in Korea to use Tier 3 requirements.

The mega data center is reportedly 920,820 square feet, the size of 12 soccer stadiums, with seven stories and three basements. It can provide up to 165 megawatts of power, more than any other data center in Asia.

LG U+ will invite corporations to store their servers and other devices in the data center.

“The 85,547- square-meter (920,820-square-foot) development is aimed at helping local tech companies and multinationals better manage their servers as they face the need for ever-increasing capacity in the age of Big Data and cloud computing,” the company said.

“With the facility, we’d like to position Korea as the hub for increasing data traffic in Asia. Companies like Google and Amazon have gone for scale when it comes to running data centers. Although Korea has seen surging traffic, there are not enough data centers to manage the huge number of servers and volume of traffic,” Choi Young-bum, general manager of the Pyeongchon New Internet Data Center Task Force division, said.

Choi also noted that the mega data center was designed specifically to save energy.

“We designed a chimney on the side of the server rooms, which is also called a wind path, to discharge heated air externally. With this wind path, we don’t need to install a great number of energy-guzzling air conditioners, since the structure itself is designed to provide significant cooling.”

The data center also encompasses immense safety and security systems; it contains five-step security systems throughout the center.