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thermal facts and fairy tales: fully-developed channel flow: why is Nu constant?

September 13th, 2010

Clemens J.M. Lasance Philips Research Laboratories Emeritus The last time the subject of my column was:  ‘Most of us don’t live in wind tunnels, neither in the world of Nusselt.’ I promised more comments about…read more

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The Benefits Of Using Hadiabatic In Thinking About Electronics Cooling

February 1st, 2004

The heat transfer coefficient is used to describe convective heat transfer between a solid and a fluid, as in Equation (1). The heat transfer coefficient is a defined parameter, not a physical property like thermal…read more

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Temperature of in-line array of electronic components simulated by rectangular blocks

May 1st, 2000

An earlier work by the authors (Molki et al., 1995) discussed the adiabatic heat transfer coefficient of rectangular blocks situated in an in-line array. In real circuit boards, heat is generated by a number of…read more

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