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thermal facts and fairy tales: most of us live neither in wind tunnels nor in the world of Nusselt

April 30th, 2010

Having read myriad papers/articles/books/reports on thermal management, I feel there is a lot of misunderstanding about what really should drive a sound approach of how to tackle the thermal problems that tend to land on…read more

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Simplified Formula for Estimating Natural Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient on a Flat Plate

August 1st, 2001

Although most of the emphasis today in the electronics cooling community is devoted to extending forced convection cooling capability, many applications still depend upon natural convection cooling. Basically, natural convection cooling combined with radiation is…read more

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Natural convection modeling of heat sinks using web-based tools

September 1st, 2000

Heat transfer in electronic packages is a complex problem involving a network of resistive paths for the various laminated structures, bonding adhesives, lead frames, and attachment mechanisms, such as ball grid arrays. However, despite the…read more

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