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Optical Measurement Of Flip-Chip Package Warpage And Its Effect On Thermal Interfaces

February 1st, 2003

Warpage of FC-PBGA Packages Flip chip technology has emerged as an important chip-level package solution to meet the ever-increasing demand of high I/O requirements. The flip chip technology was implemented originally for a multi-layer ceramic…read more

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Interaction of the system and module-level thermal phenomena- a flip-chip/BGA example

May 1st, 1998

Fig. 1: Levels in a computer environment. Introduction Increasing demands for higher performance in microprocessors have a direct effect on chip power and heat generation. Increased function and miniaturization of the packages result in thermal…read more

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Packaging: designing for thermal performance

May 1st, 1997

Figure 1. Various leadframe and BGA packages Introduction The well-established trend within the electronics industry to provide everincreasing computing power at less cost seems to defy the laws of economics.However, this industry has not been…read more

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