Variable Speed Pumping Up to 450KW Maximum Power

June 21st, 2010


Suitable for use with all centrifugal pump types fitted with motors up to 450kW, the new Armstrong IVS102 range of variable speed drives is suitable for both new and existing heating and cooling applications. In addition to offering lower capital and installation costs, IVS102 drives continue to deliver benefits throughout their lifetimes due to their energy efficient design and greater ease of maintenance.
Many of the features required for variable speed pumping are built into the inverter’s design, reducing the need for ancillary components and cutting overall capital cost. Installation costs are also lower as the in-built mains isolator option and flow compensation reduce the time needed for on-site wiring. Set-up during commissioning is made easier by the IVS102’s intuitive interface and menu structure, whilst its compact size and IP55 enclosure mean that it can be installed in the full range of plant rooms – even those where space is at a premium.

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