Multi-Port Cages with Thermal Management

May 4th, 2012


dataMate™, a division of Methode Electronics, Inc.’s Data Solutions Group, announced the development of a patent pending SFP+ cage system with advanced thermal management features to prevent data error and hardware failure due to excessive heat.
dataMate™ has developed a new cage system which utilizes a series of thermally conductive compliant fingers that make direct contact with an SFP+ module to dissipate heat from the module housing. These thermally conductive fingers are then coupled to a heat sink designed to maximize heat transfer. Because there are many fingers that are independently compliant, this system accounts for irregularities across the surface of the module. The heat sink fin design and orientation can be customized to take advantage of the particular airflow in an application, and heat pipes can be incorporated to transfer heat to remote heat sinks for optimal location within space constraints.

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