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Flip Chip Micron Scale Thermal Mapping Solution

July 18th, 2012


Microsanj has introduced flip chip micron scale thermal mapping solution, a new high performance product in the Thermoreflectance Nanotherm Series.

The NT220A, featured at the IPFA-2012 Conference in Singapore, adds near-infrared capability to support through-the-substrate thermal imaging. This feature enables accurate high resolution thermal mapping and analysis of flip-chip assemblies. With a 1300 nm LED source, the NT220A provides micron spatial resolution at the active device layer with 1 degree Celsius thermal resolution.

“Commercializing the thermoreflectance technique for through-the-substrate imaging is a significant advance for microelectronic thermal characterization,” Dr. Ali Shakouri, a co-founder of Microsanj, LLC, director of the Birck Nanotechnology Center and professor of electrical engineering at Purdue University, said. “This additional capability gives engineers the ability to more accurately analyze thermal properties of flip chip assemblies leading to better performance and higher reliability.”

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