Gap Filler Thermal Interface Material for Silicone-Sensitive Electronic Applications

July 8th, 2013


The Bergquist Company, a supplier of thermal management materials, has released Gap Filler 1500LV, a new “low volatility, two-component, liquid-dispensable thermal interface material that offers the high temperature resistance and low modulus of a silicone material with minimal outgassing.” According to the company, the new gap filler is ideal for use with fragile components and for filling unique and intricate air voids and gaps.

“Unlike precured gap filling materials, liquid dispensed materials offer infinite thickness options and eliminate the need for specific pad thicknesses or die-cut shapes for individual applications. Gap Filler 1500LV is specifically designed with shear thinning characteristics to support optimized dispensing,” the company said. Gap Filler 1500LV offers a thermal conductivity of 1.8 W/mk.

For more information, visit The Bergquist Company.