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Electronics Cooling magazine has been providing a technical data column since 1997 with the intent of providing you, the readers, with pertinent material properties for use in thermal analyses. We have largely covered the most common materials and their associated thermal properties used in electronics packaging.


Contribute an Article

We as editors are interested in suggestions and ideas from the readership as we evolve the technical data column. This also provides an opportunity to remind the readers of how we work as an editorially independent publication. For each issue, one of the associate editors assumes the role of editor-in-chief and is responsible for either soliciting new technical articles or selecting previously submitted articles that have gone through a review process and been judged worthy of publication.

Individuals/companies wishing to contribute articles for possible publication in Electronics Cooling magazine should first contact one of our Associate Technical Editors:

Associate Technical Editors

Bruce Guenin

Jim Wilson

Madhusudan Iyengar

Peter Rodgers


Press Inquiries

Companies wishing to send press releases for possible inclusion in upcoming issues should send materials to:

Belinda Stasiukiewicz
Content Manager
Tel: 484-685-7799
Fax: +1 484-688-0303


Advertising Opportunities

Companies who would like to place an advertisement in the Electronics Cooling magazine, or be listed on the Online Supplier’s directory, should contact:

Graham Kilshaw
Chief Media Officer


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