Heat Sinks

Stamped Heatsink Series offers Cooling for LED Applications

February 9th, 2015

GlacialTech, a thermal solution provider, introduces its new stamped heatsink series (Igloo SS) for LED flood lights and other high wattage LED lighting applications. These rectangular heatsinks offer wattage ratings of 100W, 150W and 200W.…read more

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Unnamed Product Acts as Both Heatsink and CPU Fan

January 13th, 2015

Typically, heatsinks and CPU Fans can be very large which limits configuration possibilities in the hardware. CoolChip Technologies has solved this problem by introducing a new kinetic cooler with physical restraints that are easier to work…read more

Bay Light Heatsinks offer Thermal Solutions

December 15th, 2014

GlacialTech Inc. announced its new line of high performance Bay Light heatsinks for high power LED applications. The line of heatsinks includes the Igloo SR100, SR150, SR200, SR200HP and SR250HP. The Igloo SR200HP and Igloo…read more

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Lightweight Push-Pin Heat Sinks offer Advanced Cooling Solutions for BGAs

December 15th, 2014

Digi-Key now offers more than 200 advanced thermal solutions (ATS) heat sinks with push-pin mounting and 108,000 possible configurations. Features of the heat sinks include pre-drilled holes for mounting to PCBs, flexible barbs, compression springs…read more

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‘Tech Tidbit’ – Free Heat Exchanger Technology Successfully Cools Earth

December 9th, 2014

A group of engineers from Stanford University, led by Professor Shanhui Han, have developed a free heat exchanger technology that successfully cools the Earth. The radiator system works by beaming heat and sunlight from buildings…read more

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New Thermal Gaskets Easily Transfer Heat

December 9th, 2014

Fujipoly America Corporation has announced its new die-cut thermal interface gaskets. The gaskets easily transfer heat from electronic devices and components to the environment. The die-cut shape allows the gaskets to fit mostly any application.…read more

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Thermal Facts and Fairy Tales: Moist Air and Cooling Electronics

December 3rd, 2014

Ambient air is the ultimate heat sink for the majority of electronics thermal management systems and a typical job as a thermal engineer is focused on minimizing the thermal resistance between the electronics and the…read more

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November 25th, 2014

THERMAL LIVE 2015 October 6 – 8, 2015 Online Event Featuring practical thermal management techniques and topics, this event includes roundtables, webinars and videos; and there’s no cost to attend. Program Highlights: LED Design Data…read more

New Heat Sink Lid Socket Produced

October 27th, 2014

Ironwood Electronics has announced its new BGA socket design, the GT-BGA-6008, which uses elastomer that has a very high performance of 75 GHz. “The socket is designed to dissipate 4.5 watts using compression screw with…read more

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New Heat Sink Announced

October 9th, 2014

GlacialTech Inc. announced its new Igloo FS127, a Square Cold Forged Heatsink that suits 60W LED applications. It’s a one-piece unit that yields strong thermal conductivity. Features of the Igloo FS127 include low thermal resistance…read more

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Cold Forged Heat Sinks Boost Thermal Management of LEDs

August 19th, 2014

GlacialTech Inc. has introduced Igloo FR210 and Igloo FR210HP, two new cold forging thermal modules designed for 80W LED thermal management applications. The Igloo FR210HP differs from the Igloo FR210 in that it optimized for…read more

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Cooling Enhancement Boosts Operation of Laser Power Amplifier

August 5th, 2014

By enhancing the cooling system of a thin disk laser power amplifier with an optically-transparent heat sink, researchers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory have successfully extended the device’s power scaling up to two and…read more

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Syringe-Packaged Greases Satisfy Electrical and Thermal Conductivity Needs

June 9th, 2014

Intertronics now offers CircuitWorks’ syringe-packaged conductive greases, which provide electric and/or thermal conductivity for a range of applications. CircuitWorks’ new silicone-free heat sink grease will not harden or dry out while offering excellent thermal conductivity…read more

Thermally Conductive Plastic for LED Heat Sinks Reduces Lighting Costs

June 4th, 2014

Bayer Material Science has announced Makrolon® polycarbonate as the latest addition to its family of heat-resistant plastics designed specifically for LED heat sink applications. Compared with aluminum, this grade of Makrolon polycarbonate conduct similar thermal performance…read more

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