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Semiconductor Package Thermal Characterization and Design

February 24th, 2010

Mentor Graphics is offering a new web-based tool for thermal characterization and design of semiconductor packages. FloTHERM® IC reduces the time spent on thermal characterization and design by providing an automated process that includes pre-verified…read more

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LED Thermal Standardization: A Hot Topic

May 9th, 2009

Introduction The main topic of the article is how to cope with the increasing need for standardization of thermal characterization of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and LED-based products (see Fig.1 showing a typical LED package).…read more

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When Moore Is Less: Exploring the 3rd Dimension in IC Packaging

February 1st, 2009

Introduction As consumers of electronics we have become spoiled. We not only expect our electronic devices to get smaller, faster, more functional, cheaper, more interconnected, and more reliable, we actually demand it. It would not…read more

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Simplified Transient Model for IC Packages

August 1st, 2002

Previous installments of this column have all dealt with situations in which the die temperature was assumed to be at a constant temperature after the system had achieved the steady state. However, there are many…read more

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Advanced Techniques for IC Surface Temperature Measurement

February 1st, 2002

Introduction: The Need for IC Surface Measurement Techniques Current trends in microelectronic design generate challenges in both the design and test of integrated circuits (ICs). One area that has been gaining increased relevance with regard…read more

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Packaging: designing for thermal performance

May 1st, 1997

Figure 1. Various leadframe and BGA packages Introduction The well-established trend within the electronics industry to provide everincreasing computing power at less cost seems to defy the laws of economics.However, this industry has not been…read more

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How to Select a Heat Sink

June 1st, 1995

With the increase in heat dissipation from microelectronics devices and the reduction in overall form factors, thermal management becomes a more a more important element of electronic product design. Both the performance reliability and life…read more

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