Editorial: Looking Back

December 22nd, 2011

Categories: Editorial

Issue: December 2011

In the editorial in the fall issue of ElectronicsCooling, my good friend and colleague Clemens Lasance wrote, “It is the privilege of an editor to discuss any subject that comes to mind, as long as it is (remotely) linked to the theme of the journal.” So, as the editor responsible for this issue of the magazine, I want to avail myself of this privilege.

As I contemplate what I want to write, it is with the realization that when you read these words, we will have come to the end of another year. Even more significantly for me, it is also with the realization that this will be my last opportunity to communicate with you, the readers, from this forum. This is because after much deliberation, I have decided to leave ElectronicsCooling.

Naturally, as I progressed through my decision process, my thoughts turned back to the many years that I have been associated with the magazine. I first joined the editorial staff in December 2000 at the invitation of the then editor-in-chief, Kaveh Azar. Although I have served 11 years as an Associate Technical Editor, in a sense my association goes back as much as 15 years, when I contributed my first article to the magazine for the May 1996 issue. I still remember the article very well, its title was “Direct Liquid Immersion Cooling for High Density Micro-Electronics” and it drew upon my many years of experience in this area at IBM. For those who may be interested, the article is still available on the ElectronicsCooling website by searching “direct liquid immersion simons.” So, I owe a debt of gratitude to my longtime friend Kaveh, for his invitation to submit that first article (as well as some subsequent articles) and especially for inviting me to join the editorial staff.

Many of you may be aware from my Calculation Corner article “A Useful Catalog of Calculation Corner Articles” in the September 2011 issue, that I have shared the writing of this column with my friend and colleague Bruce Guenin, almost since when I first joined the editorial staff. I have found it both challenging and interesting to come up with suitable analysis topics of interest to readers and amenable to explanation in two to three pages. I hope that you have found them as interesting to read as it has been for me to prepare and write. I have always derived a great sense of satisfaction when at a conference such as SEMI-THERM, readers would introduce themselves to me and tell me how much they liked and how useful they found the Calculation Corner articles. I want to sincerely thank those readers for having done so.

As you may have gathered from my words so far, I have truly enjoyed my years of working on the magazine and I have derived a true sense of accomplishment from the fruits of our (i.e. my co-editors and myself) labor. I particularly enjoyed my close working relationship with my fellow editors (Clemens Lasance and Bruce Guenin who I have already mentioned and Jim Wilson) over all these years. I have known them not only through our association as co-editors, but even before that through the many SEMI-THERM Symposia in which we were involved. I regard each of them not only as first-class thermal professionals, but equally importantly, as friends.

So, you may be wondering why I have chosen to leave at this time. As has been said by others and in particular Kaveh Azar when he gave up his position as editor-in-chief, “Every good thing must come to an end.” My decision is one that has been brewing for some time now. I find that between my engineering work, as well as other activities I would like to pursue during my leisure time, I simply no longer have the amount of time to devote to the magazine as the position of associate technical editor warrants.

In case you are wondering who will take over my position on the editorial staff, it has not yet been decided. In any event, I am confident that whoever is chosen will do a first-class job in contributing to the fine reputation ElectronicsCooling magazine has earned over the years.

In closing, I want to extend my personal thanks to you, our readers. It is your interest and support that has helped ElectronicsCooling to become the premier publication of the electronics cooling community it is today. In particular, I want to single out for recognition and thanks, the many readers over the years who have contributed articles for publication in the magazine. It is these articles that make up the content and substance of the magazine.

So, thank you all!