Air Flow Through Cooling Technology for Embedded Aerospace & Defense Systems

Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions has licensed Northrop Grumman Corporation’s recently patented air-flow-through (AFT) cooling technology for use in CWCDS’s rugged, deployed embedded systems.

Northrop Grumman’s AFT technology improves the air cooling of advanced electronic modules through the use of a compact core style heat exchanger design that significantly increases the cooling efficiency of removable electronic modules such as VPX (VITA 46/48) cards.

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2 Responses to “Air Flow Through Cooling Technology for Embedded Aerospace & Defense Systems”

  1. Absolute agree with the post author! Any other opinions here?

  2. alam says:

    Our country is in serious energy crisis ,,, for long i am searching some energy efficient air cooling technology for residence/office .

    AFT technology can make chill some heat exchange fluid that run through a copper coil and a blower can flow the outside air through cooling coil ,,,,,can be the solution of clean air cooler for room .

    Any suggestion please let me know .