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New R&D Performance Record with 254 Lumen-Per-Watt Power LED

April 20th, 2012


Cree, Inc. delivers another industry first with a barrier-breaking 254 lumen-per-watt white R&D power LED. This significant milestone exceeds Cree’s previous R&D industry record of 231 lumens per watt and demonstrates Cree’s continued commitment to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting.

Elements of Cree’s innovative SC³ Technology Platform, available today in Cree XLamp® LEDs, enable this record-breaking R&D result. The SC³ Technology Platform is built upon Cree’s advanced silicon carbide technology, features advancements in LED chip architecture and phosphor, and boasts a new package design to deliver the most advanced LED components in the industry.

Cree reports that the LED efficacy was measured at 254 lumens per watt, at a correlated color temperature of 4408 K. Standard room temperature, 350 mA testing, was used to achieve the results.

“The latest innovation from our R&D labs is another game changer for the industry,” said John Edmond, Cree co-founder and director of advanced optoelectronics. “The core of the Cree R&D culture is a relentless focus on innovation that ultimately drives LED adoption. Higher-performance LEDs can enable new and better LED-based applications and drive down the solution cost of LED designs.”

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One Response to “New R&D Performance Record with 254 Lumen-Per-Watt Power LED”

  1. Auth says:

    It is becoming more oubiovs that one of the best ways to save money and energy is by changing our bulbs. This is what the compact Fluorescent people have been preaching for a couple of years now and not even informing the public of the long term damage those bulbs were going to do to our planet. NOW leds are the RIGHT ANSWER!!I am glad that there is some one out there working to not only EDUCATE but offer a great product a low cost. I look forward to learning more and keeping an eye on such a forward thinking group of revolutionaries. Looks like the next Apple for the LED field is here! Added to my favorites!MM