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Thin Label Material Made of 0.5 Mil Polyimide Film

March 9th, 2012

Polyonics has designed an ultra-thin, white coated, polyimide label material that uses a 0.5 mil film for space constrained electronics. The XF-616 is a high temperature, thermal transfer printable material with an aggressive acrylic adhesive…read more

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New Flat Wire Inductors Excel At High Temperatures

June 28th, 2011

Datatronics’ new DR79892 and DR 79893 Flat Wire Inductors feature a flat wire design that is coiled and mounted directly to the circuit board to allow efficient heat dissipation. These inductors are designed for performance…read more

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Thermal Facts and Fairy Tales: Uncertainty is Assured

July 26th, 2010

Do you know the thermal conductivity of paper? This was the start of a phone call a few years ago. The conversation continued and the reason for the question became apparent. A thermal analysis of…read more

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Modeling Heat Conduction in Printed Circuit Boards Using Finite Element Analysis

May 1st, 2004

Introduction Heat transfer in and around a printed circuit board (PCB) is generally very complex. Some of the heat generated in components is conducted away through the multiple conducting (trace) layers, vias, and dielectric layers…read more

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Convection and radiation heat loss from a printed circuit board

September 1st, 1998

In last issue’s column, a method for calculating the thermal conductivity of a printed circuit board (PCB) was described. Now, we look at a more complicated heat transfer process, namely the loss of heat from…read more

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Electronic package characterization per JEDEC standard

January 1st, 1996

Introduction With the increase in power density resulting from advancements insemiconductor packaging technologies comes the issue of heat dissipation. Heatis generated as a result of electrical energy being converted to thermal energyduring circuit activities. The…read more

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